Friday, June 20, 2008


Did a quick Soundslides today on the Westwood BBQ in Hartsville.. I don't eat the stuff, but the fries were the BEST I have had outside of a state fair..
Its been a cool week, very busy, but as of Monday the Morning News will have a Multimedia page on our website. I have been pushing for this since I arrived here last August and through much begging and pleading its finally becoming a reality. WHOOO HOOO ! To make it happen however we needed content for it so we all rushed to come up with stuff to put up there. Admittedly its crap, after doing slide shows in school and having a year off from them its been tough getting back into it, my skills are not what they were. However in the tradition of the loved and hated Roy Stryker today I gave myself a shooting script.. it really helped.
I'll post the link the Multimedia site next week, in the mean time here's a few from today at the BBQ place.. and a plate of the ROCKIN' fries.

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Keri said...

GASP! A shooting script? You mean to say you previsualized? I think some photographers miss the point of -it is how we see the moment and miss great photos. You can't just go in and expect to be hit with a frying pan of good moments and ideas. Not to mention fleshing out a quick story. BRAVO!