Thursday, March 13, 2008


It constantly amazes me the places this job takes me. Sometimes I really can't process everything I experience on a daily basis. I get home at night sometimes and hate myself for not doing a good job, it seems like I am never good enough and with the places I am able to see, people I am lucky enough to meet, I just don't do them justice. I wish I was a naturally gifted photographer and I didn't have to fight so hard for half way crap that I end up producing.
Yesterday was so cool, I loved being in the hospital and still this is the best I came away with, and we couldn't run it, it didn't pass the breakfast table test, what ever that is. I think this story was one of the more interesting stories we've done lately
I can't help but asking myself "why am I not getting this?"

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Alyssha Voloskova said...

Are you kidding me. This is a great Sx photo. I guess those guys at the paper can't handle a little blood.