Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lawson Debose

In 2005 90-year-old Lawson Debose's house burned to the ground. Since then he has been living in shack with no running water, a single light bulb, and magazines lining the walls to keep the wind out... very much like the images from the WPA (my idol Walker Evans)from the 1930's. It is 2007 and the south has changed so little.
In August, The Morning News published a story about his living conditions, since then the community rallied together to raise funds and build him a new house. Today was the open house.. I wish I had been with the story from the beginning but here a few photos from the story. The first photo is by fellow staffer Angela Kershner, the second by chief photog John Russell, the last three are minefrom today... I love my job.

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