Thursday, September 6, 2007

Making a Difference...

I have wanted to start a photo column for some time now called "Making a Difference," focusing on good things happening in my community. I first had this idea while I was working in Salisbury and now I am here in Florence and I have finally started working on it.
The Maple Park nieghborhood has been going through a difficult time, in June a woman in her 70's was murdered in her home on King Street at 3p.m. The community is scared and although the man who commited the crime is behind bars, many people are trying to sell their houses and move out of the neighborhood.
I live in the Maple Park neighborhood and I decided that I would find out what the good things are happening everyday in the neighborhood. I found the Maple Park Recreation Center. The MPRC provdes a safe, organized place for neighborhood kids to go after school. They have programs to help the kids with homework, healthy cooking lessons, touch football games, and cheerleading. The MPRC also offers peer support sessions for teenager dealing with difficult personal issues. All in all the Rec center provides a safe place for kids to go after school.
I stopped by today to introduce myself, allow the kids to get used to my cameras and to talk Derrick, David, and the other people who run the center.
Here are a few shots from this afternoon., this project will also be my first video assignment and i am thrilled to be getting started..
feedback and ideas are always welcome and needed.

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